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Office of Communications (Ofcom)

The UK telecoms, wireless, internet and Pay-TV markets from 1998

We have harvested a trove of critical data from the UK’s media and telecoms regulator, Ofcom, which paints a clear picture of how the UK telecoms and media market has evolved sine 1998.

This data paints a clear picture of how the UK fixed and mobile broadband markets have developed, including not just user numbers by service provider market shares and technology aspects as well.

Once of the many fascinating phenomena that are quantified by this data concerns how data usage increases as the download speed of an internet connections increases – seemingly without limit.

Data Included: 480 parameters
2401 datapoints
Last Updated: 27-Jul-16
Format: Excel spreadsheet
Tables: 3
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Sample Content

4 of the 480 parameters included in this dataset

The full dataset includes 480 different aspects of Office of Communications (Ofcom). Here you can see a graphical representation of 4 of the aspects included:

Full Listing of Data Included: Office of Communications (Ofcom)

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