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Online Retail

Total Expenditure and Average Spending per User

These forecasts define how much consumers will spend online to 2025, which is defined as ‘online retail expenditure’

Also included is the amount spent online per month by the average Internet user. This average monthly spending level has been calculated by dividing the total retail spending for a given year by the average number of active Internet users for that year.

The term ‘online retail’ refers to where consumers buy new products or services using electronic devices that are connected to the internet. Any device can be used to effect the sale and any electronic payment method can be used. The figures reported here refer to the total gross value of all online retail transactions. Specifically, we consider that business-to-business (B2B) transactions are part of the wider e-Commerce market but are not part on the online retail market.

Data Included: 138 parameters
2478 datapoints
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Sample Content

4 of the 138 parameters included in this dataset

The full dataset includes 138 different aspects of Online Retail. Here you can see a graphical representation of 4 of the aspects included:

Full Listing of Data Included: Online Retail

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