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212 Countries from 2000 to 2025

This Dataset is the result of analysing historic data and projected increases for the population in 187 countries worldwide. We scrutinised the extensive material published by The World Bank, IMF and national country statistics bodies – which frequently do not agree – in order to complies a single, consolidated view of population growth worldwide.

The data is presented in two separate data tables, one covering all ages and one that is restricted to the age band 8 to 80 years. Nakono uses the 8-80 cut as a basis for many of our own forecast models because it excludes the 15% of the population which generates negligible revenue in most market situations.

Data Included: 158 parameters
4108 datapoints
Last Updated: 13-Jul-16
Format: Excel spreadsheet
Tables: 2
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Sample Content

4 of the 158 parameters included in this dataset

The full dataset includes 158 different aspects of Population. Here you can see a graphical representation of 4 of the aspects included:

Full Listing of Data Included: Population

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