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TV Households

Number of Homes Having at Least One TV Set

Regardless of the rise of personal devices such as smartphones and tablets, the home television set remains the most important screen for viewing filmed entertainment.

The emergence of wireless streaming software and devices – which allow personal devices to ‘cast’ content to a nearby TV set - will serve to reinforce the role of the TV set, even though its physical form is almost certainly going to change.

In this dataset we share the number of homes worldwide that have at least one actively used TV set for a broad range of counties. The total number of TV households is also expressed as a percentage of the total number of households.

Data Included: 150 parameters
3900 datapoints
Last Updated: 13-Jul-16
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Sample Content

4 of the 150 parameters included in this dataset

The full dataset includes 150 different aspects of TV Households. Here you can see a graphical representation of 4 of the aspects included:

Full Listing of Data Included: TV Households

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